Tokai Global Trading:
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About Us

The diverse talents of the people of Tokai Global Trading are the prime reason that has propelled TGT into a leadership position in our industry. It is through the combined efforts of this pool of talented persons TGT has been able to develop our innovative financial products.

To be sure that we continue that position of leadership, TGT has endeavored to create a spirit of inclusion within the organisation. This feeling of inclusion throughout our workforce has brought together dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds, talents, perspectives, cultural identities and experiences. We encourage all of our people to bring their full selves to the table, leveraging their differences to help our firm achieve its full potential. This spirit of inclusion sharpens our competitive edge, fosters innovative thinking, and helps produce superior solutions for our clients. For these reasons, TGT sees a diverse and inclusive workforce not as an obligation, but as an opportunity for our clients and employees.

With our research department located in our offices in Tokyo, TGT supports these talented persons by enabling them to quickly identify both blue chip and small cap stocks that are poised for bright futures. This allows TGT to advise our clients on how to develop a broad portfolio.