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22 January 2013

Congress Can Resolve the Debt-Limit Crisis

President Barack Obama called the increasingly real specter of a U.S. default “irresponsible” and “absurd.” Yet the absurd has become sadly commonplace in Washington More »

18 December 2012

EU Bank Regulation Deal Marks Path to True Economic Union

European Union leaders had to work long after midnight to close the deal on a single bank regulator. More »

2 October 2012

Japan’s Next Leader Faces One of World’s Toughest Jobs

Yoshihiko Noda will doubtless win his party’s leadership race this week. More »

20 August 2012

Fixing the Euro Would Be Cheaper Than Germans Think

Germany’s leaders are loath to do what it takes to save the euro, in large part out of the not unreasonable fear it will cost their country too much. More »

22 June 2012

Less Talk, More Stimulus

Anyone expecting bold new ideas to resuscitate the economy from President Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday probably came away disappointed. More »

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