Finding the best opportunities
for our clients

Our Products

The Financial Advisors of TGT have a broad range of products to offer you.

Amongst the mix of products offered by TGT are:

  • • Equity stocks
  • • Small cap stocks
  • • Bonds
  • • CDL’s
  • • Depository receipts
  • • A variety of other financial instruments

Our research department continually seeks brilliant opportunities in all of these areas and, upon discovering one, they immediately pass that information on to the financial advisors. This may happen because of several reasons such as that our researchers have found that a particular company has just been awarded an important contract or is actively involved in an emerging technology.

Your Financial Advisor will not just wait for your order. They will share that intelligence with their clients without delay so that you can take advantage of that information early in order to maximize your profit.

While Tokai Global Trading is a full service broker, we will often recommend small cap stocks to help you to diversify your portfolio. One of the biggest advantages of investing in small-cap stocks is the opportunity to beat institutional investors. We refer to these opportunities as “sleeping giants”. With that in mind, Tokai Global Trading often focuses on small cap stocks that are poised for rapid growth.