Working together
to reach your goals


Your relationship with Tokai Global Trading is about more than investing money. It’s about sharing your aspirations and building a relationship with your Financial Advisor.


Your primary contact with us is through your Financial Advisor. TGT has put all the resources of our firm behind your Financial Advisor to help them to help you pursue your goals. Your Financial Advisor will at first commit themselves to understanding:

• your financial needs,
• your investment objectives,
• your tolerance for risk,
• your time horizon and
• any other factors that may affect our recommendations.

Then, he or she will help you understand your investment choices. Your Financial Advisor will then help you set realistic expectations about the long-term performance and associated risks of those choices. Your Financial Advisor will be available for regular conversations with you about the status of your investments with us and changes in your personal profile.

We will provide timely account and transaction information that accurately reflects the investment positions you hold with our firm.
If you have an issue or concern, we will make it our priority to address it. Our Client Advocate is available to help resolve any issues that are not promptly resolved by your Financial Advisor. We will always do our best to build and justify your trust in us. 

Working together to reach your goals requires a commitment from you as well. You should:

• Provide your Financial Advisor with all relevant information about your financial condition,
• Your goals,
• Your risk tolerances and time horizon as well as changes to this information.
• Approve or decline your Financial Advisor’s recommendations on a timely basis.
• Personally review and understand your investments, investment strategy and materials provided     to you.
• Understand that all investments have some degree of risk and that you may lose money on any investment.
• Ask questions if you are uncertain about any aspect of your investments with TGT.
• Provide us with frank, timely feedback on how we are doing and how we can improve our service to you.